Battery for
Marine ESS

Kokam has developed liquid cooled lithium ion batteries suitable for the marine applications which require safety and reliability under harsh ocean environment. They provide peak shaving capability against momentary high energy burst to enable commercial vessels or offshore supporting vessels to save fuel and extend the life of main engines or generators.


KOL (Kokam Liquid Cooled Module)

By adopting various types of cells, the capacity of the KOL Module can be varied to flexibly accommodate the customer's needs


  • High C-rate charge/discharge operation
  • Long cycle life
  • High flexibility to accommodate various voltage and capacity requirements
  • IP54 protection grade
  • Tolerance for harsh environmental conditions
  • Optimized thermal management capability (Liquid cooling)
  • Heat absorption and dissipation using water jackets between each cell
  • Compliance to IEC standard and classification society rules
  • Mechanical strength to meet shock, vibration and environmental requirements
  • Able to accommodate various types of cells to increase the capacity


Cell Extension

Increased Speed & Operating Time (+ 21% Energy density)

  • Superior volumetric energy density
  • Reduced voids, due to its thin and flat shape
  • Reduced packaging overhead due to higher capacity cells

Improved Reliability and Safety (Easy & Simple design)

  • Reduced number of cells needed to achieve the same amount of energy/power
  • Less connections → reduction in potential failure points
  • Eliminates the problem of uneven current sharing (less parallel strings)
  • Easier to balance battery pack
  • Safety critical voltage and temperature monitoring occurs for every cell

Increased Cycle life, Reduced Cost & Operational Downtime

  • Long cycle life
  • Power via bus-bar in series
  • Cooling via hoses in series
  • Communication via CAN bus


Genuine Scalability : KOL Module particularities

  • IP54 considering early gas/smoke detection (especially in connection with VESDA)
  • Paneled installation of BMS in front but outside module for cooling efficiency and maintenance
  • Direct cooling of cells with cooling jackets
  • Foundation for rack mounting

*KR : Only valid for 70Ah cell applied 2P20S module
*DNV-GL : Only valid for 85Ah & 100Ah applied 2P20S module


Passed the thermal runaway tests based on
IEC standard and classification society rule
- Completed cell and module level test
Class Certified KR, DNVGL
- KR certification complete
- DNV-GL certification: expected to be completed by 3Q, 2020


Use Cases Applications High Energy High Power
  • Fully Electric
  • Fault Ride
  • Spinning
  • Load-Leveling
  • Shore Stations
    (Fast Recharge)
  • Peak Shaving / Transient
    Load Management
  • Energy
  • Propulsion


GENUINE SCALABILITY : KOL Module particularities
The KOL Battery Solution is composed of multiple KOL Battery Modules configured in various ways in order to accommodate the voltage and capacity requirements. Due to its flexibility and compact size, the KOL Battery Solution can be installed in places with limited space.
Kokam's KOL Battery Solution conforms to IEC standard and classification society rules and its safety and performance have been tested and verified by 3rd party test facilities.
Cells are packaged in cartridges and Water Jackets are placed in between each cell for thermal control, which help maintain optimal performance of the cells throughout their life cycles. The Water Jackets are made of thin aluminum sheets that enhance the heat dissipation capability of the module. Depending on technical requirements of customers, the KOL module can be tailored to increase or decrease its capacity and/or voltage.
HIGHLY SCALABLE : From 10kWh to MWh Scale
Kokam’s batteries enhance the performance of electric boats. With their high energy density, Kokam provides battery solutions which are significantly smaller in size and Weight less than competitive products. These features are suitable for long distance navigation where, for example, a battery in a submarine can provide a reliable source of energy for long term missions. In addition, Kokam batteries’ outstanding power output is favorable as a starting power source that cranks the engine with a momentary high power burst.
  • Direct Water Cooling Systems for Cells
  • IP54 and Salinity Resistive Housing
  • Tested for Thermal Runaway
  • Ship Roll and Pitch Tested by Submarine/Ship Motion Requirement
  • Tested for Shock, Vibration, Temperature, EMI/EMC, Salinity
  • - Electric Boats
  • - Tug boats
  • - Electric Yachts
  • - Solar Hybrid Boats
  • - Civil Submarine