Electric Vehicle
Battery Pack

Kokam Battery Modules for EV applications are designed to be use in commercial trucks, buses, trams, and heavy duty transportation. The systems can be integrated in parallel and in series to create significantly high energy and high voltage solutions.



TYPE 1 : KOL (Kokam Liquid Cooled Module)

The KOL Battery System’s mechanical strength meets the shock, vibration and other environmental requirements in accordance with the IEC standards classification society rules. The compact and flexible design of the KOL Module delivers flexibility to install in limited space environments. The Module is perfectly designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. By adopting various types of cells, the capacity of the KOL Battery System can be varied ranging from 10.4kWh to 14.8kWh to flexibly accommodate the customer's needs.

* 85Ah : To be released in 2Q of 2020

Technical Data
Module Configuration 2P20S (Up to 12 modules can be connected in series )
Cell Type of Chemistry Ultra High Power NMC High Power NMC High Energy NMC High Energy NMC High Energy NMC
Cell Capacity (Ah) 75 75 75 85 100
Nominal Voltage (Vdc) 74 74 74 74 73.6
Voltage Range (Vdc) 64 ~ 82.6
Installed Energy (kWh) 11.1 11.1 11.1 12.6 14.7
Conti. Charge Power (Kw) 22.2 11.1 5.55 12.6 7.4
Max Charge Power
(1 cycle, <SOC 80%, BOL) (Kw)
44.4 22.2 11.1 25.2 14.7
Conti. Discharge Power
44.4 44.4 11.1 50.3 7.4
Max discharge Power
(1 cycle) (Kw)
66.6 66.6 22.2 75.5 29.4
Peak Discharge Power
(<60sec, >SOC 50%) (Kw)
111 88.8 44.4 100.6 44.1
Size (WxDxH, mm) 335 x 669 x 433
Weight (Approx.) (kg) 123 116 111 124.5 127
IP 54


  • Easy to customize high voltage, low voltage and cooling interfaces to each application
  • All connections at front panel; rear access not needed for installation
  • New Kokam BMS permits very large strings and pack combinations
    (Up to 1,000V per string, and up to 24 strings in parallel)
  • Allows upgrades to connector styles, fuses, VTBs without tooling entire pack
  • Robust, highly serviceable BDU with integrated SCU; standalone MCU
  • Available with or without internal fuse (tested both ways for safety)
  • Highly robust tab-to-busbar joint survives the harshest vibration & shock environments while maintaining ultra-low DCIR
  • Direct cooling to cell face; 50-75% less mass than competing technology; maximizes volumetric efficiency
  • Enhanced cell separator eliminates the need for thermal barriers
Technical Data XMP 76P XMP 111E
Cell Configuration 43HP-2P24S 63UHE - 2P24S
Discharge Energy (kWh) 7.6 (Rated @ C/2) 11.1 (Rated @ C/10)
Specific Energy (Wh/kg) ≥99 ≥144
Capacity (Ah) 86 (Rated @ C/2) 126 (Rated @ C/10)
Voltage (Nominal; V) 88.8 88.3
Weight (kg) 76.8 77
Dimension (LxWxH, mm) 753 x 303 x 282
Certification ISO 12405, ISO 20653, ISO 16750, GMW 16390,
UNDOT 38.3, ECE R100 8E, IEC 62281, J2929, UN 38.3

EV Battery Pack Validation

Test Conditions Reference
Ingress Protection Mated: IP67, IPXXD, Unmated IPXXB ISO 20653
Mechanical Shock (XMP76P)
Mechanical Shock (XMP111E)
50G, 6ms, 3 axis, 10 each
20.7G, 11ms, 3 axis, 10 each
ISO 12405
Vibration Random, 3 Axis, 21 hr/axis ISO 12405
Composite Heat & Humidity RH 93%, 25°- 65°C, 28 day ISO 16750
Thermal Shock 85°C to-40°C within 30 min ISO 12405
UNDOT UN T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 UN 38.3
Housing Load Knee 150kN/m²;
Foot 356kN/m²
External Fuel Fire 130 sec over fuel fire ECE R100 8E
Drop Test 1.2m onto cement on corner IEC 62281
Unbalanced Overcharge 1 cell @ 200% forced overcharge  
Forced Internal Coolant Leak Rotate and hold around each axis  
External Short Circuit, Fused 5mΩ, 100 mΩ J2929, UN 38.3
External Short Circuit, Unfused 5mΩ J2929


  • Automotive-certified [USABC, IEC, SAE, UN 38.3]
  • Energy density up to 150Wh/kg
  • High energy & high power density
  • Significant volume reduction due to fluid cooling
  • Long calendar & cycle life
  • Flexible packaging & Freely scalable system design
  • Preserved from electrical and physical abuse
  • Long maintenance free periods for lower costs in cycle life
Technical Data
Cell Chemistry Lithium-ion NMC
Energy density 140 Wh/kg · 240 Wh/l
Installed Energy (kWh, @ BOL) 2.3
Weight (kg) 17.5
Nominal Performance Power (kW) 12
Max. Performance Power (10s, kW) 18
Dimension (WxHxL, mm) 260 x 230 x 160
Cell Capacity (Ah) 159 / 106 / 53
Voltage (V) 14.8 / 22.2 / 44.4
Technical Data
Cell Capacity (Ah) 106
Module Configuration 6S2P
Installed Energy (kWh, @ BOL) 28 12S1P
Weight (kg) 246 307
Energy Density (Wh/kg, Wh/l) 115 • 152 115 • 157
Discharge Power Cont. / Max.* (kW) 107 / 213 177 / 282
Charge Power Cont. / Max.* (kW) 57 / 85 71 / 106
Nominal Voltage (V) 266 666
Dimension (WxHxL, mm) 600x210x1,594 750x210x1,545

* As a function of i.a. HV-connector, HV-jointer, cooling water conditioning, etc.


  • High discharging C-rate
  • Fast DC charging
  • High energy density up to 134Wh/kg
  • Compact and light design
  • Long life cycle
  • Industry standard voltages of 24 and 48V
  • Maximum durability under extreme conditions
Technical Data A Type B Type C Type D Type
Installed Energy (@ BOL) (kWh) 2.07 2.74 4.14 5.49
Usuable Maximum Energy (kWh) 1.86 2.47 3.73 4.94
Nominal Voltage (V) 25.9 25.9 51.8 51.8
Cell Capacity (Ah) 80 106 80 106
Weight (kg) 18.6 21 37 41
Dimension (WxHxL, mm) 229 x 324 x 190 229 x 324 x 372
Battery Management System Inside Inside Inside Inside


Kokam batteries can fulfill various energy level requirements delivering high quality solutions for small, medium, and large electric cars. Kokam products have been widely utilized in Asia, North America and Europe and have proven their exceptional features in various EVs such as buses, trucks, and trams.
Due to their flexible designs, various user specific needs can be satisfied through customization. Kokam’s battery solutions can deliver significantly high power outputs for long durations and have a compact structure with exceptionally long life span. With continuous innovations and technological developments, Kokam will continue to provide eco-friendly, state of the art solutions for the EV market.
The compact design of Kokam's battery packs allow convenient installation and easy maintenance. The battery packs are also robustly designed in order to deliver the required performance and safety under tough conditions.
Kokam's battery modules developed for the EV market are high performing, reliable and safe systems that can be coustomized upon clients' requests. The compact and light design of the modules combined with the high energy density of the cells allows long distance transportation. Due to the fast DC charging features, the driver can quickly recharge the battery module in between quick stops and travel even further. Advanced cooling mechanisms allow optimal thermal management of the cells and increases the durability and life of the overall system. Furthermore, the module is designed to withstand harsh operational and environmental conditions, and is also equipped with various safety devices that protects both the driver and the vehicle.
  • High Energy & High Power
  • Durability under harsh condition
  • Compact and Light Design
  • Long Calendar & Cycle life
  • Various safety features
  • - Bus
  • - Truck, Trailer
  • - Excavator, Wheel loader
  • - Mining vehicle and equipment
  • - Heavy equipment transporter
  • - Train, Tram