Industrial equipment has become widespread in today’s society. The utilization of the Internet and telecommunication equipment has become widespread in today’s society. As a result, the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) market has become one of the fastest-growing and demanding markets in the world. UPS systems are used to ensure the stable supply of power to hospitals, banks, data centers and for a variety of other mission-critical electrical equipment, preventing data loss and security breaches. Many facilities have adopted UPS systems based on conventional lead acid batteries. However, a rising market trend favors a use of lithium ion batteries, considering limitations in space, weight, life-cycle costs, eco-friendliness, and overall performance.


Unlike small batteries used in cell phones or laptops, industrial batteries provide features of high power and long life. Upon customers' requests, Kokam can provide a customized battery system specialized for different use.
Some of the features are large energy capacity, small volume, and long cycle life and we offer optimal solutions for small and medium sized machinery and large size facilities. Kokam will continue to take a leading role in developing state of the art battery solutions for the industrial market.

Industrial Module
Customer-Centered System
for Various Purposes
  • Endurance Reliable, safe and durable even under harsh operational and/or environmental conditions
  • High energy density Requires less space for installation due to the small footprint
  • Optimal performance Multi functional and advanced performance
Industrial Machinery : The demand for safe and durable lithium ion batteries increases as more industries adopt computerized systems into their operating processes. Industrial heavy equipment, industrial robots, and automatic guided vehicles (AGV) are some of the examples of the use of lithium ion batteries.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems : A conventional UPS with lead acid batteries requires frequent replacements of batteries and larger space of installation due to a short cycle life and the size of the battery. Kokam UPS solutions use lithium ion batteries which feature high energy density and a long cycle life. Reduction in size of the battery is preferable to environments where installation space is limited, such as telecom repeaters or enclosures with large scale containerized systems, incorporating both batteries and UPS inverters.
- Industrial Equipment: robots, machinery, mining equipment, etc.
- Industrial Vehicles: excavators, wheel loaders, mining vehicles,
heavy equipment transporters, AGV (automatic guided vehicle ), etc.
- Auxiliary Power for Telegraphic Repeaters
- Medical Devices

Kokam's tailor made battery solutions are an optimal choice for industrial applications
to meet various customers' requirements and offers long cycle life and high energy density features.


  • Mining
  • Forklift
  • AGV
  • Excavator
  • Bulldozer