Growing demand for efficient and eco-friendly vehicles. The depletion of fossil fuels and oil supply combined with global warming, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions worldwide have led to the growing demand for energy efficient and eco-friendly vehicles. As a result of this imperative need, governments of many nations provide various incentives for utilizing electric vehicles. These include reduced electric taxi fares, tax benefits, and subsidies for electric vehicle purchasers. Many parts of Europe have banned the use of vehicles operated by conventional combustion engines within the public transportation sectors and are focusing on switching to electrical or hybrid vehicles. Several commercial projects are underway as well.


Kokam’s battery solutions provide excellent power sources in the range of 1kWh-300kWh for various types of electric vehicles: EV (electric vehicle), HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) and PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) for both commercial and industrial purposes. These solutions are robust, safe and reliable, allowing the drivers to feel at ease when driving the vehicle. Moreover, the compact and light design of these modules increases the driving range (miles per charge). Other features include effective thermal management, long life, and fast charging and discharging capability.

EV Module
Continuous Innovations for
Efficient and Eco-Friendly Vehicles
  • Durable and safe Equipped with multiple safety mechanisms
  • Effective thermal management Effective liquid cooling system
  • Long lifespan Extendend cycle life
Kokam batteries can fulfill various energy level requirements delivering high quality solutions for small, medium, and large electric cars. Kokam's products have been widely utilized around the globe, in Asia, North America and Europe and have proven their exceptional features in various EV applications such as buses, trucks, trams, excavators and etc.
Due to their flexible designs, various user specific needs can be satisfied through customization. Kokam’s battery solutions can deliver high power output for long durations and features a compact structure with long life span. With continuous innovations and technological developments, Kokam will continue to provide eco-friendly, state of the art solutions for the EV market.
Kokam's battery systems can be integrated in parallel and in series to create high energy and voltage systems to meet customers' various requirements. Furthermore, the “Variable Bulkheads” allow Kokam to customize the pack’s electrical and cooling interfaces for each customer without having to retool the entire system.
- Small to Medium & Large Electric Cars (EV, HEV, PHEV)
- Electric Bikes, Scooters
- Electric Buses, Trams and Trucks
- Golf Carts
- Excavators, Wheel Loaders
- Mining Vehicles and Equipment
- Heavy Equipment Transporters

The flexible battery design for EV application can meet the various user needs and
Deliver significantly high power outputs for long durations exceptionally long life span.


  • Electric Tram
  • Electric Bus
  • Forklift
  • Excavator
  • Mining Vehicle
  • Heavy Equipment