Addressing new demands for reliable battery solutions.
Enhancement of defense equipment and harsh environmental conditions are creating new demands for advanced battery technology. A trend towards automatically controlled equipment further emphasizes the importance of supplying better performing batteries. In short, safe and high performing batteries can determine the outcome of critical operations.


Kokam designs and develops lithium ion batteries to meet the military requirements of high power and high energy density systems with light weight. Kokam's light weight lithium ion battery solutions feature high energy density and high power that enhance the mobility of wheeled vehicles. More military transport, combat, and unmanned vehicles are turning toward fully electrical or hybrid systems where a battery becomes the primary source of power propulsion.

Defense Module
Well-Proven and Outstanding
Performances for Defense Applications
  • Reliable Delivers reliable power under harsh conditions at critical times
  • Efficient Highly efficient systems for effective military operations and training
  • Improved Mobility Provides sufficient energy for long distance transportation
Kokam's superior lithium ion batteries feature high energy density, fast charging and discharging capability, which will give your business a competitive edge over others. Our batteries are capable of delivering great amounts of power over thousands of cycles with minimum degradation. Compared to lead acid batteries, lithium ion batteries deliver higher amounts of stored energy and power.
Kokam’s optimized systems achieve high performance, long cycle life, and high reliability. The design and manufacturing of Kokam's lithium ion batteries are custom built to meet specific customers' requirements.
- UAVs, Drones, Fighter Jets
- Armored Fighting, Support Vehicles
- UUVs, Torpedoes, Submarines
- Portable Devices, Mobile Energy Storage Systems

We are ready to address new demands for reliable battery solutions for defense equipment
- A safe and quiet power source in smaller size and lighter weight


  • UAV
  • Fighter Jet
  • Amored Fighting
  • Torpedo
  • Submarine
  • Portable Device