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- The virtual interview with SolarEdge HQ may be skipped depending on positions
view Research & Development

Cell Laboratory

  • Lithium ion cell material and model development
  • Improvement in production efficiency and cost for new market penetration
  • Developments of high value products for new market

System Laboratory

  • Battery system development
  • New technology development leveraging expertise in electricity/electronics/controls
  • Customized solutions satisfying customers requirements
view Sales & Marketing

Global Sales/Domestic Sales

  • New customer and business identification
  • Sales strategy establishment for new projects/markets
  • Proposal development and submission based on projects/competitors analysis
  • Business opportunity expansion via strategic client portfolio management
  • Project and sales management for contracts
  • New/existing customer relationship management (CRM)


  • Brand image enhancement with press releases
  • Brand empowerment via brand management and design marketing
  • Marketing strategy establishment analyzing global market trend/competitors
view Production

Quality Assurance

  • Certification Assessment and Maintenance
  • Quality control and operation for raw materials, components and processes
  • Defect Improvement by troubleshooting quality issues
  • Performance, Stability, and Credibility Assessment

Customer Service

  • Customer Support for quality issues
  • Customer Response for products and technical support

Production Technology

  • Production planning and raw material purchasing planning
  • Cost competitiveness gains
  • Defect analysis and yield improvement by engineering process optimization
  • Production process establishment and improvement

Production Facility

  • Operation and maintenance of facilities
  • Factory/facilities expansion and equipment selection decisions
  • Designing and reforming facilities for productivity improvement
view Support


  • Guideline management in accordance to amended tax law
  • Mid-long term financial plan establishment and execution
  • Credit rating management
  • Accounting management for defense application


  • Legal advice for project contracts
  • Contract and lawsuit management
  • Legal policy review for corporate operations

HR/General Affairs

  • Internal corporate policy establishment and reform
  • Management of programs for human resource development
  • Managing and leading collective bargaining in labor-management council
  • Annual hiring planning and events assisting for executives


  • Mid-long term strategy establishment for raw material purchasing
  • Raw material diversification for cost and risk reduction


  • Logistic process management for high efficiency and low cost
  • Monitoring and managing seamless movement of goods


  • Software/hardware management for corporate security systems
  • Management of corporate information protection system


  • Achievement Evaluation Achievement of
    KPI targets
  • Competency evaluation Task/Behavioral
    Competency Evaluation
  • Foreign Language Evaluate foreign language
    proficiency (English)
Compensate Package
  • Promotion
  • Base Salary
  • Employee recommendation system
  • Incentive plan
  • Compensation for patent filing
  • Education support package
  • Long service award
  • RSU compensatation (*Restricted Stock Units )
  • Annual salary based on performance
  • SolarEdge Stock Restricted Stock Unit grant by rank
  • Grant Young Tomorrow Program, Expenditures for congratulations and condolences
  • Residence / Transportation Dormitories in Suwon HQ and Nonsan Commuter buses to Nonsan factory
  • Vacation - Annual official holidays
    - Voluntary use of vacation days
    - Paid vacation days for special occasions such as Foundation Day, Labor Day, maternity and parental leave
  • Medical and health care Group Accident Insurance
  • Meal allowances Cafeteria serving lunch and dinner
  • Anniversary / Holiday Gifts Gifts for Holidays, Foundation Day and Birthdays
  • Education Programs Employee skill enhancement/ Leadership development programs

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